Benefits of Buying a New Construction Townhome

It can be overwhelming to choose between purchasing a new construction townhome or an existing one. Though older homes do have their place, buying new construction is a no-brainer. Below are the top three reasons why.

3 Reasons to Buy New Construction

  1.  More options.

When you buy a new construction home, you get to be involved in the construction process. From picking the lot with the best sunset views to choosing your favorite color granite countertops, buying new construction gives you options that an already existing home can’t without spending tons of money and time on renovations. At Colony Reserve, it’s even better because many of these luxurious options come standard.

  1. Less maintenance.

While a 1920’s ranch style home may have its charm, there’s nothing charming—or cheap—about non-stop repairs and maintenance. New construction homes come with new mechanicals and appliances, including the air conditioner, plumbing, and washing machine.

Even if something does break, it’s usually covered under warranty. The combination of new components and a warranty make new construction homes headache free.

  1. Lower cost.

While less maintenance will make the yearly costs of your home more affordable, Colony Reserve can make even the purchase price lower than you would pay for a comparable existing home.

The first way Colony Reserve makes your home more affordable is by enabling you to avoid the bidding wars that accompany the purchase of older homes. By choosing from a number of Colony Reserve townhomes, you don’t have to compete against a hoard of homebuyers that drive the price up for one residence.

Now that you know the benefits of buying a new construction home, it’s time to learn more about the new construction townhomes at Colony Reserve. Contact us for more information.