Buying a Home: New vs Used, Pt. 2

The New or Used Home Exploration Picks up Where Part One Left Off

We recently shared here on our blog some reasons why it makes sense to buy a new home, as opposed to a used one. This is one of the first and most important decisions homebuyers face, whether you’re buying your first home, a second home, or a retirement home.
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Buying a Home: New vs Used, Pt. 1

New-Construction or an Existing Home — What’s Right For You?

When you’re ready to buy a home, especially if it’s your first, one of the biggest questions you face is, “Should I buy new or used?” It’s a good question — and an important decision you’ll have to make. Whether you’re buying your first home, a second home, or a retirement home, choosing a new one over an existing or used home is a smart move.
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Guess Who’s Buying the Most Homes These Days?

Ideal Market Conditions Spark Next Generation of Homebuyers

If you’re thinking about buying a home this year, you’re not alone. The housing market is hot-hot-hot these days. So who’s buying new homes in 2017? According to this recent report from NBC News, the answer may surprise you: it’s millennials! (Those born after 1980, typically between 18-34 years old.)
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The Hot Home Market and the Homebuilding Slowdown

Zillow Cites Lack of Homebuilding for Rising Prices, Buying New-Construction May be the Solution

According to a recent report from, the lack of new-construction homes has played a large part in the skyrocketing prices for existing homes. What’s more, the report noted that inventory is significantly less for entry-level homes.
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