3 Tips to Make Your Living Room Pop

At Colony Reserve, each townhome boasts a spacious living room filled with elegant touches and designer details. But even the most luxurious homes can use a little extra to really stand out. To truly set your living room apart, check out these tips below.

How to Make Your Living Room Stand Out

  1. Add Some Artwork: Nothing is duller than a plain wall. Hung up some artwork to show your personality and to make your home more unique.
  2. Paint an Accent Wall: If you want more of a pop than artwork can provide, paint an accent wall. Painting one wall a color such as a rich red or deep purple can liven up a room of neutral hues.
  3. Use a Statement Piece: Whether it’s a distinctive coffee table or lamp, a statement piece can be an incredible conversation starter. A statement piece doesn’t have to be expensive; it just has to stand out.

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