3 Unique Ways to Display Art in Your Townhome

Whether it’s a lithograph from your favorite artist or an original painting from one of your children, how it’s displayed can greatly impact how well it looks in the room. So before you start hanging up pieces, check out these three unique ways to display art in your townhome.

  1. Lean it: Want to display art in your home but don’t want to put holes in your walls? Simply prop the piece up against the wall, with the bottom of the frame resting on a table, dresser, or shelf. If you have a lot of smaller pictures or paintings to display, create a picture shelf that’s dedicated to showcasing your collection.
  2. Tack it: Casual and inexpensive, thumbtacks and binder clips are the perfect way to display frameless prints and sketches. Simply stick a thumbtack in the wall, clip the top of the paper, then hang the handle of the clip on the tack. You can even experiment with assorted clip colors and sizes, just make sure the clips accentuate the work instead of overpowering it.   
  3. Hang it: Obvious, right? It doesn’t have to be. Instead of hanging expertly framed pieces in perfectly straight lines, try something a little more creative. Make a shape like a leaf or circle out of smaller photos. Mix and match dimensions and hues to form an eclectic gallery wall. As long as your walls will safely hold it, don’t be afraid to have fun with how you hang your art.

Now that you’ve read these tips on how to display art in your townhome, it’s time to start showing some off. Follow us on Facebook for more design, decor, and real estate tips.