5 Summer Décor Tips to Try in Your Townhome

The kids are out of school and summer’s in session. Now’s the time to bring in some new décor to go with the new season. Read below for five summer décor tips to try in your townhome today.

Top Summer Décor Tips

  1. Embrace the bloom: Flowers make an excellent centerpiece, wreath, or garden attraction. For cheery, sunrise-like annuals, choose Florida’s state flower — the Coreopsis. They have a colorful bloom of yellow and orange that’ll warm up everyone’s day. Check out CostaFarms to see more info on flowers for this season.
  2. Make any room pop with colorful throw pillows: Whether you want to liven up your old recliner or turn your patio into an incredible backdrop for a great summer hangout, a few colorful throw pillows can do the job. Click here for some great pillows for a low price.
  3. Hang a hammock: Just because you don’t live on an island doesn’t mean you can’t feel like you do. A standalone hammock can transform your patio into a luxury beach resort. Visit Hayneedle for high quality, affordable standalone hammocks.
  4. Embrace seasonal scents: It’s a new season so let your nose know. Burst into the summer season with some new candles and incense. Scents like Blue Summer Sky and Summer Storm will help usher in the new season. Yankee Candle has great scents for the summer months.
  5. Brighten your home with some pop art: Summer is a great time to express yourself and pop art is a fantastic way to do it. With websites like Etsy and Art, finding a piece that you love has never been more convenient. By using posters and paintings, you can personalize your townhome in a breeze.

Now that these summer décor tips have your townhome ready for the season, it’s time to fire up the barbeque and enjoy. Follow us on Facebook for more design, decor, and real estate tips.