Do This for a Spectacular Summer at Home

South Florida may be known for its endless summers, but there’s still something special when the real season rolls around. This year, even as quarantines are lifted and non-essential destinations begin to reopen, it’s likely that you’ll be spending more time at home. Keep reading for five tips to help you get the most out of your summer without going outside your community.

5 Tips for Summer at Home

  1. Learn Something New: Whether you want to learn a new instrument, language, or skill, now is the perfect time. If you have kids staying at home too, you can get them involved with the learning process. Set aside time every day to practice or to take a class. With online platforms like MasterClass and Udemy, it’s easier than ever to learn something new right from your home.
  2. Read a Book: That book you’ve been meaning to get to. That seemingly neverending series you promised you’d read to your kids. Break out a book and escape to a different world, all while exercising your mind. Not sure where to start your summer reading? Check out this list from Lit Hub.
  3. Do Arts and Crafts: From Jackson Pollock-esque paintings to popsicle stick birdhouses, this is a wonderful time to let your creativity run wild. For more ideas for summer arts and crafts, click here.
  4. Work Out: Whether you run laps around the community lake or do yoga in your living room, you can get in the best shape of your life this summer. As the community pool and fitness center reopen, there will be even more opportunities to get active and have a good time.
  5. Upgrade Your Home This Summer: If you follow the tips above, you should be in for an awesome summer. But if your summer style is cramped by the home that you’re living in, then this is the perfect time to upgrade your home.

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