Keep Your Home Clean Throughout Covid-19

In a world of Covid-19, keeping your home clean is more important than ever. According to the CDC, it’s important to not only clean but to disinfect so that the virus is less likely to spread.

Pick a Disinfectant

To find an EPA-approved disinfectant, click here for a complete list of recommendations. The list also shows the active ingredients and the recommended contact time, so you can find the one that’s best for what you’re cleaning.

For best results with many of these products, it’s recommended that you keep the surface wet for the entire contact time. Protective gloves and proper ventilation are also recommended for a safe cleaning experience.

Use Diluted Bleach

For certain surfaces, diluted household bleach is the best solution. Check the label on your bleach before using it, since bleach designed specifically for colored clothing or for whitening may not be effective against coronavirus.

To dilute the bleach, mix a gallon of room temperature water with 1/3rd cup of bleach. Be sure that you are in a properly ventilated room when mixing, and never mix ammonia or other cleansers with household bleach.

It’s recommended that you leave the solution on the surface for at least one minute for maximum effectiveness.

Use Wipes for Small Spots

For smaller spots such as doorknobs, bleach wipes offer a quick fix after someone comes in contact with the surface. For electronics like keyboards and remote controls, alcohol-based wipes are a great option.

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